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Meet the Photographer @bodyfullahell

Vancouver resident, Em, works as a part time photographer and manager at a small thrift shop near downtown. “I spend most of my time taking pictures of my friends and dancing terribly at local music gigs.”


Em started taking photos 5 years ago, as an abrupt hobby she picked up. “The main reason why I started taking pictures was because I hate forgetting anything, and I feel like it’s a bit easier to jog your memory when you have so many photos to remind you of the past”. Em started working with actual models a little under a year ago, and is now her main creative outlet.





Em’s photography takes a cool approach with an interesting visual flare in fashion. “I would say that Vancouver’s fashion and photography scene seems huge from an outsider’s perspective but in all reality is actually very small, especially for youths. It’s a pretty tight knit community of creators that bump heads occasionally but overall I’d say we all take care of each other and support one another.”