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Meet The Photographer @tragikmalick

 What made you get into photography ? As Childish Gambino put it: ‘Because the Internet’. The most important element for my exploration into photography is hands down the access to creativity that is facilitated by internet platforms. Before I even purchased my first camera, I was following several photographers on instagram for awhile. Their work was always so awe-inspiring to me, and I always wanted to produce something of the same caliber. Luckily enough I met one of them in person at Osheaga–Jamal Burger, a photographer that goes by the name of @jayscale. He gave me a lot of practical advice around cameras and his wisdom gave me the courage to just go out there and start shooting.

How would you describe your photography ? My style is still a work in progress, right now I like portraying people’s most authentic ways of being in the given moment. I try to showcase these moments through different mediums as much as possible, I think each medium has its own story to tell. My main goal is to showcase images that live in their own world or universe.

What is your inspiration? These days it is really the environment in which I’m in. I find that Montreal has creativity flowing through it nonstop. There is an abundance of creatives in this city and I can’t stop being impressed by how determined they are to get their absolute best work out into the universe. Every other day I’m completely shocked and humbled seeing what comes out of this city.

Tell us a bit about the 3D used in the Bench shoot? My first exposure to this style of photography was the music video for Mura Masa’s ‘What If I Go”. When the 3D frames came in the video I was completely caught off guard. I started researching and figured out that this was stereoscopic imaging, which is the attempt to recreate the three dimensional depth that is captured by the human eye. 3D cameras employ an illusion of three-dimensions by quickly shifting through two-dimensional frames that were taken simultaneously. When your brain sees this offsetting in the images, it assumes there is depth and motion. 3D images done in this particular style are just one part of humanity’s brave and ongoing goal of creating images that look and feel completely real. Every year we get closer and closer to this goal, but I found it to be so refreshing to see an early example of this. Although it’s not new, I think it feels new due to how quickly technology evolves. In a way we never really get the chance to fully appreciate these innovations. It seems like all devices start to feel old and outdated very shortly after they are out. Whenever we go back to revisit them there is this great sense of discovery. We are the generation that is on the cusp of analog and digital, we remember a life with analog technologies but we didn’t get to savor them like we would have liked to—now we want to go back. Our world has changed so quickly with the advent of digital, it doesn’t feel real to us because we know a life before its existence. We crave for what is tangible again. The Varsity collection is now online and in stores, it combines a mix of street wear and our classic heritage look with bold patterns, hoodies and sets! Don’t forget to check out @tragikmalick for more content!

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