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The Loungewear Collection

Let’s be honest—in our fast-paced, ziplining, productivity obsessed culture, where taking a day off work or even an hour to ourselves is seen as indulgent and often just not possible, do we really know the true meaning of “lounge” anymore? Let’s see what the doctor has to say:

lounge verb (used without object), lounged loung·ing
  1. to pass time idly and indolently.
  2. to rest or recline indolently; loll


Hands up who’s lolled around lately, and no we’re not talking about loling (although laughing out loud and lolling probably go great together, like peppermint in your hot chocolate). We’re talking about reclining, lazing, being deliciously and unapologetically slothful in your most comfy clothes; letting time dance by without a care, without your phone chirping, without responding to emails, and without those energy draining distractions. Ya know, lounging!

That’s why we’re starting a loungewear revolution: we’ve got to fight for our right to be lazy!! Or, at the very least, to be comfortable and have 10 minutes to ourselves or with friends. Our Loungewear Collection is filled with fluffy, cuddly, snuggly pieces to help whisk you away from the everyday and just be.


How better to start a loungewear revolution than to give yourself and your favourite people an excuse to relax and get cozy? The holidays are around the corner, so we’ve piled our collection into 4 different categories to help you sort through the fluff and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Lounge All day

features our collection’s most comfy pieces, perfect as PJs or for wearing whenever you feel like it—this is a revolution after all. Our Mens Slounge Pant and Tee is a great choice for keeping things relaxed all day long in lightweight, loose fitting, soft jersey knit. In Ladies styles, our Lazy Pant and Tee is the quintessential PJ set that, hey, who knows, maybe you’ll decide to never take off and permanently inhabit from here on in. Anything’s possible.

All Wrapped Up

brings you our fluffiest, cuddliest styles, from sweaters to hoodies and other awesome gift ideas. Our Mens Cozied Up Pant and Hoody is a seriously lush set, and extra beneficial for whoever’s snuggling up next to it! You’ll also find our Fuzzy Sherpa Cardigan and Sherpa Pullover, two delightfully decadent styles made entirely of super soft sherpa fleece and magic. If you know a lounge goddess, these are for her.

The Snuggle is Real folks, and it’s about to become even snugglier in the coziest accessories you’ve ever adorned yourself with. Our Sherpa Blanket Scarf and Slipper Socks make the perfect gift for anyone who deserves a little cuddle from head to toe…and speaking of toes! Socks are living their best life right now, and we’ve got plenty of styles to keep yours and your friends’ feet feelin’snuuuug and comfy.

Gifts Under %50keep things to the point and real simple. The loungewear revolution doesn’t have to break the bank, and neither does your generosity. Our ultra soft Lola Mock Neck comes in a variety of colours and is classic, uncomplicated, and very comfortable; a thoughtful gift with lots of versatility. We also have packs of cotton tees, camis, and undies that make excellent stocking stuffers or cozy little gifts on their own..